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Recruitment & Job Agencies in Singapore for Foreigners – SutraHR
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Recruiting the Best Talent for Tech Startups, Digital Agencies, and Web Services Companies in Singapore

Talent Crunch in Singapore? Let us connect to solve your hiring problems

Hiring Professionals from India

Many Indian professionals are eager to work in South East Asia, especially Malaysia and Singapore. We will connect you with the right match for your organization, so you do not have to waste your resources searching for talent. Here are 5 reasons to hire Indian professionals for a startup in Singapore:

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Abundant Startup Talent

A buzzing startup scene and large population ensures a huge talent pool. Professionals in India are at ease working in a startup. Being one of the top recruitment agencies in Singapore

Global Mindset

Indian professionals have a global mindset, with a majority working in global startups and have experience developing products for a diverse audience. As a job agency in Singapore that values its clientele.

College Startup Tradition

Being an experienced job agency in Singapore for startups and new-age IT companies, we have unrivaled experience in recruiting talented individuals who have been exposed to the startup culture in college.

Low Cost

Due to forex rates, the remuneration offered to Indian professionals will be perceivably higher for them and lower for you.

Standard Of Living

Singapore has a better standard of living compared to India, and a world-class infrastructure.

Similar Culture

There are many similarities in Indian and Singaporean cultures, thus enabling Indian expats and their families to settle quickly.